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Known for its beautiful bridges, its exquisite churches, and its incredible night life, Budapest, Hungary’s capital city, is the place to be for a Hungarian vacation. Budapest, is actually split down the center by the enchanting Danube River with Buda on the west side and Pest on the east side of the river. Connecting the two sides of the city is a series of picturesque bridges, with the most photographed bridge likely being the Chain Bridge, or Szechenyi Lanchid. If you’re looking to take some photos that will “wow” your friends and relatives, we would suggest starting with taking photos at night. As you can see from the photo above, nighttime is when the city comes to life. Bring a tripod, meter on the wonderfully lit architecture at night, and take a long multi-second exposure to make the surface of the Danube River look like glass.

*For our most detailed photo guide packed with photos and descriptions, see our Store.

To see more of our photos from Hungary, see our Gallery.

• An evening stroll along the Danube River (or an evening dinner cruise)
• Buda Castle
• Chain Bridge
• Heroes’ Square/Millenium Park
• House of Terror
• Matthias Church
• Opera House
• Parliament
• St Stephen’s Basilica
• Szechenyi Thermal Baths

Guide: Miklos Mayer, Photo Tours In Hungary
Based out of: Vac/Budapest


Photo Guide

We have traveled to many destinations throughout the world, and Miklos just might be the nicest guy you’ll ever meet. You can be sure that Miklos knows his photography and is as organized, responsible, friendly, and professional as they come.


To us, his specialty lies in landscape, architecture, night photography, and time-lapse. Being a local resident of Vac, Hungary (just outside of Budapest) Miklos knows his Hungarian history, culture, and local food favorites as well. Miklos also speaks English quite well, for those who need a guide that can speak both English and Hungarian.


Miklos caters to photographers of all skill levels. So, whether you’re a complete novice, or an advanced photographer, Miklos will help you get awe-inspiring shots. You need not be intimidated if you’re just a photo enthusiast who wants to get some nice snapshots for the scrapbook.


Miklos offers several private or small group services, including a daytime photo tour, a night photo tour, and small trips to neighboring cities like Vac, Visegrad, and Szentendre. Miklos also offers introductory classes on photographic editing in Lightroom for those who are interested. Talk to him and you can arrange for an editing tutorial as well as a photo shoot.


Another incredibly fun thing to do with Miklos is the FOOD TOUR. Not too many professional photographers throughout the world would take you on a photo tour, AND a food tour. We would HIGHLY suggest that you forget the daylight tour, and instead book an afternoon food tour and a night photo tour. Combining these two tours will give you the best that Miklos can offer. Miklos will happily take you to some of the local hangouts where the best Hungarian food and pastries can be found without having to go into an expensive and touristy sit-down restaurant.


Miklos’ tours are very reasonably priced in our opinion. Check his website for the latest fees. We at the Travel Photog HIGHLY recommend him especially for those who have limited time in Budapest, as Miklos will quickly and efficiently take you to photograph the jewels of Budapest.

• Photographers of all skill levels
• Food lovers
• Night photographers
• Architecture and landscape photographers
• Amateurs interested in a brief and simple Lightroom photo-editing tutorial

Maybe Not For:
• Lifestyle photographers
• Portrait Photographers


Sample photos from our tour with Miklos Mayer:


Kapital Inn Boutique B&B, Budapest.

Address: Aradi u. 30, Budapest, 1062, Hungary.

Website: Owner: Albert Marton.

Albert’s B&B rooms are incredibly clean, spacious, and artistic. The rooms are located on the penthouse floor of a 19th century historic building. Albert is one cool guy who is happy to offer his knowledge of food, history, culture and politics in Hungary. It also helps that Albert has an incredible spread of made-to-order eggs/omelettes, fresh bread and other fine pastries, cereals, juices, coffee/tea, and fruits available at breakfast. You have to climb a few flights of stairs to get to the penthouse, but we did not find this to be a problem, especially since the staff will happily carry your luggage for you.

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